Labour and Employment

Any organisation employing manpower is bound by labour and employment laws. With globalisation opening India's doors to the world in the last two decades, most global corporations have established presence in India. The complexity of the Indian labour laws and the questions on their applicability often leaves many lost in a maze. We, at PSA, have the necessary experience to handle highly complex matters and address legal issues pertaining to all aspects of the employer-employee relationship. Our lawyers are well versed with the highly complex areas of labour and employment related matters at both the central and state level and also at local employment regulators. We provide solution-oriented advice and counselling in all aspects of labour matters for employers on wide range of workplace issues, be it with trade unions, employee related disputes or statutory compliances. Our lawyers also conduct labour audits for companies to ensure compliance, and foresee probable risks and provide advice to prevent and/or mitigate such risks. Our team possesses acumen that is required to help clients focus on the core aspects of their businesses and create systems and practices so that the workforce remains free from disputes. Should disputes arise, our team assists in their resolution in a manner that will ensure the continuity of the clients' business. The range of advise on employment matters is all encompassing - be it employee benefits, non-compete and confidentiality issues, social statutory benefits, executive compensation, traditional retirement programs, health and benefit programs, drafting of HR manuals, employment and consulting agreements and related litigation.

The firm's experience includes:

  • Advising clients on transfer of white and blue collar employees in various acquisitions
  • Representing clients across a broad spectrum of industry and services in drafting standing orders, employment manuals, and human resource policies
  • Advising on hiring and termination of employees, including key personnel
  • Drafting and even negotiating collective bargaining agreements with trade union representatives
  • Drafting and/or reviewing employee benefits scheme, executive compensation plan, traditional retirement programs, health and welfare benefit programs
  • Drafting and/or reviewing employment agreements, advising on enforceability of non-compete provisions in employment contracts and unfair labour practices
  • Advising on issues emerging in immigration law for expatriates
  • Advising and assisting foreign nationals with the business and employment visa requirements and FRRO registrations
  • Representing management in disputes over enforcement of bonds
  • Advising on the applicable social security law governing expatriates in India.